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Portable Ultraviolet Disinfection Box Ozone Bottle Sterilizer UV Sterilization Pacifier Makeup Brush Disinfection Box

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This is a cartoon-type ultraviolet UV ozone sterilizer. It has small pointed ears, a small head with a round head and a round head, or squints or opens its eyes at you. The two small claws are placed under the cheeks, and they all seem to be facing each other again. You are coquettish.

    Just install 2 AAA batteries, tap on the head for 2 seconds, the small light will turn on immediately, and the kitten will immediately sterilize the bottle mouth in your belly. In order not to miss every sterilization dead angle, in addition to ultraviolet rays, the kitten will also release ozone, so that the entire gas is filled inside and outside the bottle, double sterilization, and more results with less effort.

     After six minutes have passed, the sterilization is completed, the kitten will automatically shut down, the small light will go out, and there will be no noise or noise. When you remember to use it, it is already a sterilized bottle.

     If we only want to go out for a short time, we are afraid that the baby will cry. We will bring a pacifier. At this time, we can remove the kitten's body and turn it into a small kitten.

     When going out, just gently pull its small left ear, the small ear becomes a small handle, and a small finger can carry it out.


Name: Bimirth Portable UV Box Ozone Baby Bottle Sterilizer UV Sterilizer Pacifier Box Teeth Box Sterilizer Box

Features: UV and ozone double disinfection

               6 minutes sterilization, simple and fast

               Safety child lock to prevent accidental injury

               Large space for feeding bottles, pacifiers, teethers, makeup brushes, keys (delivery without batteries)













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