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Newborn Baby Cocoon Pod Pebble Modeling Sleeping Bag

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Kid Size

Fabric Type:Broadcloth
Pattern Type:Solid
Size:SX- S - M - L
Swaddle Up Type:warm bag bedding for kids

SIZE Length Suggestion
SX 50cm
19.7 inch
0-2 M 2-3.2KG
S 58cm
0-3 M 3-6KG
M 65cm
3-6 M 6-8.5KG
L 74cm
6-9 M 8-10.8KG


(1) Please strictly follow the size chart to select the size, Do not select directly according to your habit.
(2) Still not sure about size? We'd love to advise based on your measurements of weight.
(3) The size may have 2-4cm differs due to manual measurement.Please note when you measure.   
(4) The purpose of this product is not to keep warm, you need to add a quilt to keep warm in winter.


Why wrap a newborn baby?
Why are mothers bothered by the sleeping problems of newborn babies?

This is why it is necessary to wrap a newborn baby.
which gives the baby a sense of security.
So they prefer to be wrapped in a kerchief, especially when sleeping,
Noisy at all times
whether it 's mom eating, going to the toilet, or sleeping.
Therefore, newborn babies will feel uncomfortable in all kinds of ways,
World-This is a huge environmental change for these cute little babies.
and warm mother's womb:
In fact, when the babies were born, they came to this world from a familiar
I believe these two problems have been bothering moms.


0-4 M 4-9 M 6-48 M
Sleep starts here Start falling in love with sleep Sleep like an adult


Your baby's natural sleep positon

As show above

(1)16-30 weeks
(2)"Swaddle Up" emulates a natural sleep position
(3)Love To Dream "Swaddle Up"

Sleep Deprived?
The swaddle Up is the only swaddle that let's your child sleep
with arms up,which is the most natural and healthiest way for them to sleep.
With arms up they can suck on their fingers and touch their cheeks just like
they self-soothe in the wormb

Cotton and spandex fabrics are soft and comfortable.

Multiple styles to choose from

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As shown above
(1)The small design covers the zipper and protects the baby from harm


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