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ICONSIGN Lash Lift EyeLash Eyebrow Dye Tint Kit Lashes Perm Set Brow Lamination Makeup Tools

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ICONSIGN Brand Lash Lift and Lashes Eyebrow Dye Tint Kit

-----This product achieves two major effects: 1. Eyelash curling 2. Dyeing: eyelash dyeing; eyebrow dyeing.

-----Easy to use; suitable for home DIY; salon; beauty study and other occasions.

-----Make Your Eyelash and Eyebrow More Charming!



Tint How to use?


Step 1 : Clean eyelash and eyebrow thoroughly.

Step 2 : Apply the skin protection cream such as like Vaseline.

Step 3 : Place eye pads under the eyelid ; as close as possibleto the lower lash line ; without covering lower lashes . It prevents the tint from staining the skin.

Step 4 : Mix the Cream Dye with Creme Oxidant in a cup.For tint eyelash ; cream Dye : Creme Oxidant is 1 : 1 . For tint eyebrow ;  cream Dye : Creme Oxidant is 1 : 2 .

Step 5 : Apply the mixed tint cream to lower lashes first oneyes with tint brush.

Step 6 : When lower lashes are completed ; instruct the client to close eyes until the application and removal process is complete.

Step 7 :Apply the mixed tint cream to upper lashes from base to tip.Make sure the corner lashes are covered.

Step 8 : After approximately 15 minutes ; carefully remove the mixed tint cream by gently wiping the residual color onto theeye pads using a brush or stick Eyebrow tinting should not be as intense as eyelash tint therefore the color should be lefton for only 10 minutes . Make sure eyebrow hair is completed covered ; but do not press the color into the skin.

Step 9 : Remove the eye pads from under eye area.Use dmpened cotton round with cold water to remove product until no residue . Hold tissue near eye area to capture anyexcess water.

Lash Lift Kit How To Use?

Step 1: Use the No.4 Cleanser to remove grease; dust and residual cosmetics from your eyelashes.
Step 2: Put the silicone pad over the lower eyelid.
Step 3: Apply eyelash glue on the eyelashes and silicone pad and wait 20-35 Seconds.Dom't apply too much glue on the pads; otherwise NOT stick!
Step 4: Brush the eyelashes using the Y-shaped brush; then cover the eyelashes with cling film for 10 to 12 minutes.
Step 5: Apply Perm No. 1 on your eyelashes and cover the eyelashes with clingfilm for another 10 to 12 minutes.
Step 6: Apply Fixative No. 2 on the eyelashes. Cover them with clingfilm and wait 10 to 12 minutes to fix the eyelashes.
Step 7: Apply Cleaner No. 4 to the eyelashes and remove the glue from the eyelashes.
Step 8: Use Nutritional lotion No. 3 to nourish your eyelashes.

Notice: Lash lift kit just used on Eyealsh; DON'T use on Brow !!!

If You Use them together to perm your lashes; then Use Lash Lift Kit Firstly; after Step 6(lash lift kit); then use tint to change your lashes colors; after all steps; Use Nutritional lotion No. 3 to nourish your eyelashes.


The inner packaging details are as follows:

   Three colors can be selected; coffee; brown; black.




Product Weight(g): 190.

PackageWeight(g): 190.

Package Size(mm): 220*120*18.


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