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EMS Electric Foot Massager Mat Pulse Muscle Relax Health Care Feet Massageador Cushion Intelligent Remote Control Massage Salud

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EMS Electric Foot Massager mat Pulse Muscle Relaxation health care Feet massageador Cushion Intelligent Remote Control massage

What is EMS Technology ?
Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also know as neuromuscular elcetrical stimulation , uses electrical pulses to induce multiple muscle contractions . The central nervous system contracts muscles ; EMS has proved to be an active muscle strengthening tool .
What is the purpose of EMS ?
*Muscle strengthening
*Prevention of atrophy of waste muscle
*Muscle relaxation
*Relieve soreness
*Relax your muscles
*Beauty muscle conditioning



Host usage method :
*Stimulation intensity is divided into 15 gears ( intensity 0 -15 gears).
*When using for the first time , please set a lower strength . Please adjust to low strength after debugging other strength .
*As the remaining power of the battery gradually decreases , the current stimulation will also gradually weaken . If you continue to use it , charge the host .






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