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Bike Parking Rack Storage Holder Indoor Wall

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*1. Material: PC

*2. Size: 8 x 7.5 x 4 cm

*3. Weight: 130 g

*4. Colors: Black, Orange, Blue, Green



*1. Compact and mini size, the bracket can be mounted on the wall in any places to hold bikes, gloves, helmets, key chains, and more.

*2. Two individual bearings with rollers fit the shape of the tire, clip it firm and stable.

*3. Made of solid PC plastic materials for durability and powerful weight bearing.

*4. Fix it on the wall using the provided screws securely.

*5. 4 colors are available.


Package Includes:

1 x Buckle

2 x Expansion Cap

2 x Screwfd7425b9c6d3d6648354cf1e196f379730699b7cc926163b1ed88ff5146dc2880b524e6f061a98440054aef78e2eb7159c981d816cf8edd5fe8fe14aabf0275e291f0407a913bc077ba691c6628111cab72118c8c7896967a564be4a5ad37e46927bbed2fed8d09774385a7813782571509173fc4d41bfa0665969ca82ece65a509173fc4d41bfa0665969ca82ece65aafef5360103d5fb216fc339fda82eca71f285fd2fb4084e60e02dbaeb2acc41d47e5ac0dc1765e3ae2d79928e5a9f20374f6fc4ef2cbad19c50bfad5ed50263d9254719bf5c0f10431564492f4f4b6f4


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