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60pcs Random Assorted Styles Embroidered Patches

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60 patches at random with all kinds of vintage and trendy decoration.

Different styles embroidered patches, bright vivid colors and each color is unique.

High quality embroidered with hot melt adhesive on the back, easily iron on or sew on.

Perfect for DIY clothing repair accessory decoration, applies to dresses, skirts, bags, jeans, hats, shoes, shirts, socks, etc.

How to use: Set iron to "COTTON", 100-150 degrees, for 5-10 Seconds.




Each of our patch packs comes with an assortment of patch options that will make your backpack, jean jacket, face masks or clothing stand out!

Sewing:for some backpacks, hats, and heavy fabrics the iron-on method may not work well with heavy materials. If that is the case consider machine or hand sewing them on.


How to Iron:
Heat the iron to a moderately high temperature that would not burn the fabric.
Place the patch in the desired position & place a pressing cloth (handkerchief or pillowcase) on top to protect the patch.
Press the iron down for 15-30 seconds, depending on the fabric 4. Let sit for 1-2 minutes until fabric is no longer hot.

Show off your personality with a pack of embroidered patches designed exclusively ! Let's enjoy !


Q: How random it is?

A: It's random. You will get 60 pieces from all shown in the pictures, and not only shown in the picture but many other colorful patches. Full of surprises, that's the charm of randomness!

Q: Only a few pieces i want . Are the pieces in the photo guaranteed?

A: It's selected by random from all shown in the pictures. They are all colorful and cute, you will love these little things!

Q: Is there 2 of each?

A: No, each nuique. 60 kinds one package, and there are totally 200+ kinds of patterns in random pool.

Q: What patterns do they ?

A: Assorted patches including animals,flowers,words,balls,expressions,dinosaurs and so on.



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